Summary of SIMPLE

Summary of SIMPLE

SIMPLE is an acronym and a concept that consists of:

S = for success, success story
This letter stands for the successful things; the things we want contribute to. E.g. a socially relevant service, some meaningful idea you want to help achieve, the virtual network that you want to create, that great product your organization makes. Not the loose baggy or ukase from some manager who thinks he can coach, or in advance proclaimed structural changes that has to be achieved based on ‘old school management thinking “.

I = for intelligence and inclusion

This letter indicates how and whether you have considered the ‘why‘ behind the demand of your customer, organization, manager or other stakeholder. Or whether a task is given to you just to fix something for the short term. In the Netherlands projects are diminished to mere COPAFIJTH (A) aspects. Your contribution to fulfill your job, working together with your colleagues, and your goals are reduced to SMART(B) formulations. Quality, Intellect and Emotion are degraded to a fixed outcome that is written down in blood.

M = for Mission driven
The letter M represents the bigger picture, which could be your own mission in life, the mission of your organization or anything else that you can really relate to. The letter M also stands for the question whether events are addressed solely within their own subsystem.

P = for Passion
The letter P stands for the passion you have to achieve things, where you are enthusiastic about. The reason you want to take responsibility for to accomplish by yourself and/or with your colleagues, business partners and friends.

L = Love & Leadership
This is the time in which the love of power (and money) must be replaced by the power of love. A love for money / status (shareholders view) is not enough anymore in this time and age. Respect for your colleagues is ‘love in working clothes’. Real leadership means standing side by side and balancing all stakeholders needs, including you own.

E = Energy, empowerment and engagement
The E stands for whether you get energy while you attempt to meet a specific goal, something you fancy to do. Or to note what it is that makes your energy leak away and you should therefore stop doing alltogether.

My simple advice is as follows:

Think in S & I
Think big and think in intelligent (small) steps without losing sight of the whole. Consult your colleagues or fellows for being successful. If something has to be accomplished or we must get things done, don’t restrict yourself to the (im)possibilities you see. Remember to do that thinking together. Make use of the wisdom of crowds. D e S and the I are especially focused on the thinking (head).

Act for M & E
Mission driven is all about purpose and E is about the energy and strength you have. These letters are especially aimed at doing and acting (hands) The leader or manager is responsible for ensuring that the right strategic choices are made and to make these choices transparent. So you can get clear view of where the balance lies between your own mission and that of the organization and of course whether/how that fits together.

Feel with P & L
Stay authentic and keep in contact with each other. Stay connected with your network and keep in touch with what others do. Especially in the organization you work for. Bring passion and love into the workplace and inspire each other. The P and L focuses on feeling (heart).

What can you do with the SIMPLE concept?
You can use the SIMPLE concept as a, kind of, travel companion or partner, or perhaps as a value system or maybe just as a reference. Please do not use it as a steering mechanism or decision-making management tool. Then it becomes an emotionless yardstick, sort of a business case, which assumes results in an accuracy that is never ever going to be met.

What can I do for you?
The simplest thing I can do for you is to supply you with a (long) list of books and articles, depending on what you are looking for, or in what domain you’re working.
If you want to know more (after reading), I can give a presentation. Or better yet: I organize an Open Space with this theme ‘in-house’ at your organization. Where it comes to point you to other ways of managing projects: I would also like to help you with that too. And if I don’t know how to help you myself, I do know several Agile coaches, Scrum Masters or lean architects that want to help.

If you have any questions: tweet me or send me a ‘direct message’, or ask me a question via LinkedIn. You can also write/e-mail your question or comment to or post a comment on this post or call me (You can find my mobile nr. on the home page)

And, provided I can combine this with my work, you may ask me to advice, lecture or assist you during so-called office hours (1) and in my spare time (2)

At this moment I’m making a booklet out of the Dutch SIMPEL and English SIMPLE blogs. I want to achieve this on my own, because I want to keep the (financial) threshold as low as possible.

Where you can help me is when you have any suggestion to make my concept better or want to share a story with me! I would like that very much and it is very much appreciated!!smiley

(1) This provided you are willing to pay a fare/compensation

(2) In my spare time – please note that I have a 7 day weekend! – I will ask compensation in the form of free participation to a congress, do a certain training, etc. Or maybe you have another, more creative idea?

(A) Copafijth is an acronom used as a checklist in project management

(B) smart is used as a HR instrument of general management tool.

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