Dagelijkse archieven: do, mei 29, 2014

This is a blog about the 2 sessions Laurens and I hosted at Agile Coach Camp Denmark 2014. At first it looks like it’s only about one session, but I sneakily pulled in the outcome of a second session, namely “The Awesome (Open Space) Session8R”. The outcome can be recognized by the number between the brackets. To save time… so you know… I provided you with a summary at the end of this blog. Laurens and I wanted to do this workshop about agile scaling models. This was decided in 2 minutes of texting, only agreeing up on using my matrix of comparison I took from the ASK matrix and which I extended with aspects I think are important. As we learned before, a catchy title (1) Always does wonders to the number of participants coming to a session.. Laurens came up with this title: “Scaling Agile, Methods or Madness”,…

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